HydroCity: the key to flood-resilient cities

Floods caused by excessive rainfall are having hazardous effects on many cities around the world. These effects are occurring increasingly frequently and range from local, water-related inconvenience to flood-induced disruption of society and devastation. HydroCity is a platform where several knowledge institutes and Dutch private and public organizations in the water and earth-observation sectors have joined forces to help cities improve their flood resilience.

Data acquisition and storage

  • Accurate actual and historical hydrological information on precipitation, infiltration, interception, evaporation, surface flow and storage, sewer inflow and storage, and soil moisture;
  • Accurate and up-to-date geographical information on the city surface; 
  • Online access to data from sources such as telemetry, remote sensing (satellites, radar and aircraft) and ordinary citizens.

Data analysis and modelling

  • Data from various sources into user-friendly maps and graphs;
  • Access to advanced online modelling tools using real-time data such as catchment-specific storm-water runoff models. 

Decision-support applications

  • A wide range of smart operational and strategic applications, including flood forecasting systems, automatic flood alerts, drought forecasting systems and heavy-rain forecast tools;
  • Insight into the effectiveness of measures such as local detention ponds, local storage tanks and green roofs. 



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